introduction about our tours :

We do organize safari tours to many places like black & white desert, Fayom Oasis and Siwa Oasis. We do different kinds of safari tours like walking, camels, meditation, yoga and jeep tours.

We have a long range in organizing expeditions for longer than one week camping in the desert and our programs are flexible to fit all types of customers and ages

In the middle of the farms facing a Rockie Plato located our hotel Beshmo Lodge with its so lovely and nice rooms, a swimming pool, whose water comes from a hot roman spring, a nice restaurant next to the coffee shop and little nice park for the cars.
El Beshmo Lodge hotel offers a very nice experience of safari tours for many places like the black &white desert and Fayom Oasis and long expeditions.
We have a long range in hosting and we do our best to make our guest enjoy his stay at the hotel providing good knowledge about our lovely Oasis.

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